Green Building & City Solutions Awards 2016 : Vote for the users’choice awards

The Green Building & City Solutions Awards is an international contest organized by the Construction21 network. Every year, it rewards buildings, solutions, and best eco-districts involved in the fight against climate change.

An exceptional event connected with the COPs

The Green Building & City Solutions Awards 2016 will reward the winners during the Marrakesh’s COP22 in November.

The competing project will be identified as “Climate Solutions” for the COP and will benefit from the massive media cover generated by the international climate conference.

International votes for the user’s choice until October 12th

Contribute by voting for buildings and urban projects that you find most inspiring. These online votes are an opportunity for you to concretely support your favorite projects, or to encourage realizations that particularly impressed you.


Vote here for the Green Building Solutions Awards 2016

Vote here for the Green City Solutions Awards 2016

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