The energetic and climatic challenge

21/Community initiatives and projects

positive energy challenge
The “Families for Positive Energy” challenge
  • Parisians rally in support of “Stakeholders for a Sustainable Paris”. This regional community project brings together Paris-based organisations with strong expertise in environmental and grass-roots initiatives: associations, institutional stakeholders, businesses and entrepreneurs, networks, bloggers and specialist media.
  • Paris Region has a dense network of community-supported agricultural organisations (AMAP), with 260 groups in early 2012, or roughly 15,000 families involved in community-supported agriculture (CSA), working with 160 producers. Based on innovative and responsible partnerships between farmers and consumers, the CSA agreement has become a political and community driving force that has allowed another type of agricultural dynamic to exist through the principle of fewer “food miles” and a commitment to the environment.
  • An innovative concept of collaborative consumption has been developed with more than 100 “Hives” in Paris Region to promote communication between local producers and consumer communities.
  • Funding and community projects. Énergie Partagée (Shared Energy) is a community movement founded by pioneering microfinancing and renewable energy organisations. It comprises start-ups supported by thousands of shareholder citizens wanting control over their investments and energy consumption choices. Lumo is a platform for responsible investment in renewable energy projects developed in partnership with local authorities.