The context

04/Paris Region

  • Map of Greater Paris
    Map of Greater Paris – courtesy of IAU île-de-France
  • Paris Region: at the heart of Europe
    Paris Region: at the heart of Europe

A region at the centre of the European market and its 500 million inhabitants

Paris is Europe’s largest capital city in terms of population with 11.9 million inhabitants and is strategically well positioned for businesses in Europe. It has numerous high-speed rail connections and exceptional air links. Paris is also a strategic gateway to the Middle East and Africa.

Europe’s biggest economic hub

GDP of €607bn and 11.9 million inhabitants, or 18.3% of France’s population.

A young population

50% of the population is under 40 (national ratio: 43%). (Source: INSEE 2012)

Stronger governance

Establishment of the Greater Paris Metropolitan Area (GPMA).