The context

06/Regional strategy: climate and energy framework

  • Strong regional commitment driven by government energy and climate policies
    Strong regional commitment driven by government energy and climate policies
  • Schemas-EN3

The Regional Climate, Air and Energy Action Plan (SRCAE)

In 2012 Paris Region established regional energy and air quality guidelines under the SRCAE, with three key goals for 2020 related to energy efficiency, urban heating and the reduction of gas emissions from road traffic.

  • to improve buildings’ energy efficiency, with a target of doubling the pace of non-residential building refurbishment and tripling it for residential buildings;
  • to develop district heating powered by renewable and recovered energies, with a target of increasing the number of connected equivalent housing units by 40%;
  • to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from road traffic by 20% in combination with a significant reduction in air pollutants (fine particles, nitrogen dioxide).

Regional climate and sustainable energy action plans

These plans form the basis for local climate and energy policy and have been mandatory since 2010 in France for municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

The Paris Climate and Energy Action Plan: leading the way

In 2007 the City of Paris introduced its Climate Action Plan with the aim of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions produced by its own activities and by Paris by 75% relative to 2004, by 2050 with an interim “3×25” target by 2020:

  • 25% less greenhouse gas emissions in Paris,
  • 25% less energy consumption in Paris,
  • 25% of Paris’s energy consumption to come from renewable energy sources

In 2012 with the implementation of the Climate and Energy Action Plan, the City of Paris reaffirmed these goals.