The energetic and climatic challenge

14/Water system

  • Wallace public drinking fountains in Paris
    Wallace public drinking fountains in Paris
  • Passy Reservoir – 16th arrondissement
    Passy Reservoir – 16th arrondissement

The dual system – specific to Paris

Since the 19th century, Paris has had the distinction of operating two water systems which supply different qualities of water: drinking and non-drinking. Non-drinking water is used to clean roads and water green spaces, which helps tackle climate change (i.e. combat urban heat islands).

State run

Since 1 January 2010, Paris’s water production and distribution has been run by the Eau de Paris municipal authority. Eau de Paris is the sole point of contact for users and subscribers, and manages the entire water circuit, from abstraction to consumers’ taps.

2013–2014 Prospective Studies

Sustainable management of rainwater applied to property holdings in Paris.

Supplying the non-drinking water network with mine water.