22/Summary: Invest in the future

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Supported by a complete ecosystem of closely networked stakeholders plus highly effective, progressive networks and infrastructure, Paris stands out as a platform for innovation and experimentation, driven by a shared, socially responsible political will.

A unique ecosystem exemplifying how Paris’s economic potential is being harnessed to tackle the new challenge of energy transition, accelerating the move towards a green economy and creating a unique attractiveness factor.

An innovation laboratory for the green economy

  • A skills incubator not only for education but also research and development;
  • Global economic leaders in the development of clean technologies;
  • A region that welcomes and actively supports innovative start-ups and arranges local testing in what has become an urban laboratory;
  • A metropolitan area that attracts investors. In 2013 Paris was the highest riser in the rankings of the top 10 major cities for foreign direct investment.

An ecosystem already moving towards energy transition

  • Efficient infrastructure with a focus on new functionalities and practices in the water, energy and mobility sectors;
  • Innovative energy systems that are tending towards managing workflow as close to producers and consumers as possible, and that includes European flagships such as Paris district cooling network;
  • Information and communication technologies geared towards the smart city;
  • State-of-the-art transportation to improve quality of life, regional solidarity and the attractiveness of Paris with a programme worth €32 billion over 15 years.

A shared, socially responsible, political will to combat climate change

  • Strong regional approach driven by government energy and climate policies to create conditions for a resilient city.
  • Very diverse areas of the new Greater Paris metropolitan area offering multiple opportunities to implement ambitious projects that are crucial for the future.