The energetic and climatic challenge

20/Strong local government support

A new vision for Greater Paris

The City of Paris is fully committed to combating climate change, not only within its own region through its climate plan, but also internationally. Like other major cities, it is involved in networks such as the C40 and is a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors. Today Paris is preparing to host the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), which will take place in 2015.

National building targets

A target has been set of 500,000 major renovations per year by 2017 in the residential sector, with mandatory renovations of public and private commercial real estate by 2020 (Environmental Conference).

Major urban development projects

Hundreds of development projects are underway in Paris and Paris Region. Some 70,000 housing units are scheduled to be built each year under the Greater Paris Act and the Paris Region Urban Development Plan.

Framework documents and local planning

The region’s vision and goals regarding energy and climate change are listed in the  Regional Climate, Air and Energy Action Plan (SRCAE) and Regional Climate and Energy Action Plans.

A new vision for Greater Paris

A new metropolitan area, regional development contracts, stakeholders galvanised.

The New Greater Paris region offers numerous opportunities for experimentation and innovation and is an important global showcase of French know-how.